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Take the next step in developing your knowledge and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) with this new certificate. Learn the general principles of AI, its potential implications and capabilities and how to assess AI products and services from multiple angles.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and general principles of AI. 

This syllabus covers the potential benefits and challenges of ethical and sustainable robust artificial intelligence; the basic process of machine learning (ML) – building a machine learning toolkit; the challenges and risks associated with an AI project, and the future of AI and humans in work. 

The Foundation Certificate includes and expands on the knowledge taught in the BCS Essentials Certificate in AI.

European students can purchase this course in Euros. Please allow 1 working day for enrolment.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. AI Foundation Course Syllabus

    3. How to use this course

    4. Reading List

    5. Optional Reading List

    6. Before you begin...

    1. Contents

    2. What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    3. What Is Human Intelligence?

    4. IQ & EQ

    5. Aristotle

    6. The Scientific Method

    7. Timeline of AI & Machine Learning (ML)

    8. Industrial Revolutions

    9. Universal Design

    10. Machines Learn From Data

    11. Tom Mitchell's Definition of ML

    12. Heuristic

    13. A Human is More Than IQ & EQ

    14. Identifying Objects

    15. The Digital Human

    16. Human Brain Inspired AI 'Deep Learning' (DL)

    17. Test Your Learning - Part One

    18. Summary

    1. Contents

    2. Introducing Robert Dilt

    3. Dilt & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    4. Introducing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    5. Introducing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    6. Robert Dilt’s NLP Logical Levels of Change

    7. NLP Helping Individuals & Groups With Change

    8. AI & the Rational Agent

    9. Summary

    1. Contents

    2. AI Ethics

    3. What is ethics?

    4. Definitions in Ethics

    5. Law v Ethics

    6. Organisations Working with Ethics in AI

    7. Critical Concerns Raised by AI

    8. EU ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI (EU)

    9. Fundamental Rights of Human Beings

    10. Future of Life – Asilomar AI Principles

    11. Summary

    1. Contents

    2. From Fundamental Rights to Principles and Values - What is the Aim?

    3. The Role of AI ethics

    4. A Domain-specific Code of Ethics

    5. The EU Guidelines for Ethical AI

    6. Ethical Principles in the Context of AI and Corresponding Values

    7. Requirements of Trustworthy AI

    8. Technical and Non-Technical Methods to Achieve Trustworthy AI

    9. Technical and Non-technical Methods to Achieve Trustworthy AI

    10. Assessing Trustworthy AI

    11. Summary

    1. Contents

    2. What is Sustainability?

    3. Climate Change – Protecting the Planet!

    4. We Need to Measure What We Are Doing

    5. United Nations Sustainability Goals

    6. The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Founder of the World Economic Forum

    7. The Possible Fifth Industrial Revolution

    8. What is Universal Design (design for all)?

    9. Example of Universal Design in Architecture

    10. Human Plus Machine

    11. Recap – Formal Tom Mitchell Definition of ML

    12. Patrick Winston from MIT

    13. Machine Learning is Part of the AI Toolkit

    14. What Have Been the Enablers for Machine Learning do we Need?

    15. Skills Needed for Machine Learning

    16. Narrow (weak) AI – Very Successful Today

    17. Summary

About this course

  • £599.00
  • 310 lessons
  • Tutor support and student forum
  • Includes exam cost
  • 12 months access


  • Who is it for?

    If you are planning or currently working on an AI or Machine Learning project; looking to upskill; changing career; planning or need entry to HE or University; Directors, Project Managers & Developers.

  • What will I learn?

    A deeper understanding of AI & Machine Learning covering universal design, EU guidelines on ethical AI, how to 'build' a machine learning toolbox, introduction to robotic paradigms, neural networks, open-source software, vector calculus, algebra, the challenges of human consciousness and much more...

  • Exam

    A 40 question multiple-choice exam, included in price (pass mark is 65%) which you can take at home, computer with webcam required. You will have 12 months access to the course to help you prepare.

  • Entry requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this certification. We strongly recommend beginners to study the reading list.

  • What Do I Get?

    As well as gaining new skills and knowledge, upon successful completion, you will receive a globally recognised professional certification awarded by BCS at SFIA Plus Level 3, and free annual Associate membership to BCS to further develop your career and grow your professional network.

  • How Long Does It Take to Complete?

    We recommend around 60 hours of study before taking the exam, though many students complete the course in only a few days.

  • What Tutor Support Is Available?

    A qualified tutor is on hand to answer any questions you have about the course and the content, via email or the student discussion forum.

  • What Career Support Is Available?

    When you pass your course, you will receive a one-year free membership to BCS (worth £90) which offers professional networking and career development opportunities within specific IT fields, and within BCS there is a specific careers centre ’Springboard'.


Company Director and BCS Accredited Trainer Darren Winter

Darren Winter is the Founder and Company Director of Duco Digital the leading online UK BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) accredited provider of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Business Analysis and Data Protection courses for individuals and businesses. He is a BCS accredited trainer and a regular guest speaker about technology, and champion of small business.


Good Training Materials


Good training materials for remote learning, and the most impressive part was the speed at which they responded to questions. I also had issues with the exam (through the exam platform, not Duco) and they were really helpful in resolving it.

Great Courses


I'm currently working through their AI courses and am looking forward to working my way through each of their new online courses as they are released.

Enjoyable Course


I really enjoyed this course, thank you so much.

Valuable Course


This proved to be a very valuable course to me.

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5 star rating

BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Iwan Kurnianto Wibowo

Very good course. Help me to understand about AI

Very good course. Help me to understand about AI

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