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Knowledge of UK data protection law, incorporating the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 18), as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), along with an understanding of how they are applied in practice, is important for any organisation processing personal information. 

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection is designed for those who need in-depth data protection training, specifically those with some data protection responsibilities in an organisation or who, for other reasons, wish to achieve and demonstrate a broad understanding of the law. 

This version of the syllabus has been updated to take into account the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and following the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement that was signed in December 2020. It also includes the two adequacy decisions published 28 June 2021 by the EU Commission in respect of the UK regarding transfers under the EU GDPR; and to transfers under the Law Enforcement Directive (LED).

This qualification is aimed at those candidates who have, or wish to have, some responsibility for data protection within an organisation and need to understand the changes that the EU GDPR, the UK GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 have brought to data protection in practice and what needs to be done to steer their organisations towards compliance. The Certificate will also be useful for others who wish to obtain and demonstrate a broad understanding and application of the UK’s data protection regime. It is ideal for those candidates who already hold the Foundation Certificate in Data Protection and who want to gain a more in-depth knowledge of interpreting and applying the principles of data protection legislation and the UK & EU GDPR in particular.

European students can purchase this course in Euros. Please allow 1 working day for enrolment.

Data Protection Training Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. How to use this course

    3. Course Overview

    4. Syllabus - BCS Practitioner Certification in Data Protection v9.5

    5. Reading List

    1. Learning objectives

    2. Introduction to data protection

    3. Data protection vs. privacy

    4. History of data protection in Europe

    5. Evolution of privacy law in Europe

    6. Data protection law in Europe 1995 onwards

    7. Human rights

    8. Privacy and human rights

    9. Post-Brexit

    10. Effect of Brexit

    11. EU General Data Protection Regulation

    12. EU GDPR – Territorial scope

    13. Main establishment

    14. CNIL fines Google €50million

    15. Knowledge check

    1. Learning objectives

    2. Terminology

    3. “Personal Data”

    4. Special Categories of Personal Data (and genetic and biometric data)

    5. Criminal offence data

    6. Pseudonymisation

    7. “Processing”

    8. “Controller”

    9. “Processor”

    10. “Joint Controllers”

    11. “Filing system”

    12. “Third party”

    13. “Cross-border processing”

    14. “Profiling”

    15. “Personal Data Breach”

    16. Household purposes

    17. Data Protection Principles

    18. Knowledge check

    1. Learning objectives

    2. Lawful bases

    3. Lawful bases

    4. Lawful bases

    5. Special category data conditions

    6. Change to Purpose

    7. Knowledge check

    1. Learning objectives

    2. Accountability

    3. Accountability

    4. Article 24

    5. Article 25

    6. Article 30

    7. Article 30

    8. Article 30 exemptions

    9. Article 32

    10. Article 35

    11. Article 35

    12. Article 35

    13. Article 36

    14. Article 36

    15. Articles 37-39: DPOs

    16. Information security measures

    17. Governance

    18. Knowledge check

    1. Learning objectives

    2. Controller and processor

    3. Controller and processor

    4. Joint controllers

    5. Anatomy of a Data Processing Agreement

    6. Knowledge check

About this course

  • £1,699.00
  • 131 lessons
  • Tutor support and student forum
  • Includes exam cost
  • 12 months access


  • Who Is It For?

    Individuals looking for data protection training and has some existing responsibility for data protection within their organisation. It’s also useful for those who want to broaden their basic understanding in this area and fully understand the practical applications of data protection laws. Whilst this certificate is written to the UK Data Protection Act, many other jurisdictions have enacted broadly similar data protection laws, so international candidates may also find this useful.

  • What Will I Learn?

    An understanding of the key changes and the associated implications that the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 introduce to data protection. As well as, individual and organisational responsibilities under the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act, particularly the need for effective record keeping. Be able to apply the new rights available to data subjects and understand the implications of those rights. An understanding of the designation, position and role/tasks of a data protection officer and how to prepare organisations to manage and handle personal data in compliance with the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act.

  • Exam

    A 90 minute ‘closed book’ exam, with 40 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark is 65% (26/40) and you can take the exam from home (computer with webcam required). You will have 12 months access to the course to help you prepare.

  • Entry Requirements

    It's ideal if you hold the BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection, though this is not mandatory.

  • What Do I Get?

    As well as gaining new skills and knowledge, upon successful completion, you will receive a globally recognised Professional Certificate awarded by the BCS at SFIA Plus Level 3, with free annual Membership to the BCS to help further develop your career and grow your professional network.

  • How Long Does It Take To Complete

    It usually takes between 20 to 40 hours dependent on experience. (It is recommended that candidates prepare for the examination by studying this course and committing to personal study before, during and following the course.)

  • What Support Is Available?

    A qualified tutor is on hand to answer any questions you have about the course and the content, via email or the student discussion forum.

  • What Career Support Is Available?

    When you pass your exam, you will receive a one-year free membership to the BCS (worth £90) which offers professional networking and career development opportunities through their careers service: ’Springboard'.


Company Director and BCS Accredited Trainer Darren Winter

Darren Winter is the Founder and Company Director of Duco Digital the leading online UK BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) accredited provider of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Business Analysis and Data Protection courses for individuals and businesses. He is a BCS accredited trainer and a regular guest speaker about technology, and champion of small business.


Good Training Materials


Good training materials for remote learning, and the most impressive part was the speed at which they responded to questions. I also had issues with the exam (through the exam platform, not Duco) and they were really helpful in resolving it.

Great Courses


I'm currently working through their AI courses and am looking forward to working my way through each of their new online courses as they are released.

Enjoyable Course


I really enjoyed this course, thank you so much.

Valuable Course


This proved to be a very valuable course to me.

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