Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course overview

    3. Syllabus

    4. Reading list

    1. Uses of data within an organisation

    2. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

    3. The Process of Formatting Data to Make Decisions - Data Selection

    4. The Process of Formatting Data to Make Decisions - Data Sourcing and Sampling

    5. The Process of Formatting Data to Make Decisions - Data Tools

    6. Data Quality

    7. The Process of Formatting Data to Make Decisions - Formatting

    8. The Process of Formatting Data to Make Decisions - Cleaning 1/2

    9. The Process of Formatting Data to Make Decisions - Cleaning 2/2

    10. Presenting Data 1/2

    11. Presenting Data 2/2

    12. Identifying Issues with Using Data to Make Decisions - Stakeholder, UX and CX

    1. Data Storage

    2. Cloud Technology

    3. Three Forms of Data Storage

    4. Data Protection Requirements

    5. Data Subject Rights

    6. Data Protection Principles 1/2

    7. Data Protection Principles 2/2

    8. Fines – implications of non-compliance with GDPR

    9. GDPR – What is Meant by Personal Data?

    10. GDPR and Protected Health Information

    11. GDPR and Criminal Offence Data

    12. Data Analysis Tools - Tableau

    13. Data Analysis Tools - IBM Business Analytics and SPSS

    14. Data Analysis Tools - Power BI

    15. Data Analysis Tools - Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers

    16. Data Analysis Tools - R

    17. Data Analysis Tools - Python

    1. Making Data Accessible

    2. Written form

    3. Verbal Form

    4. The AI Link Between Text and Speech

    5. Pictorial Form

    6. Sounds form

    7. Dashboards

    8. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

    1. Human and Machine Learning Together in a Virtual Learning Environment

    2. VR/AR - Flight simulators

    3. Using VR/AR in a Virtual Learning Environment

    4. Ergonomics

    5. Digital Twin

    6. Immersive learning environments (ILEs)

    7. Audience of the Future - WEAVR

    8. Audience of the Future – Dinosaurs and robots

    9. Audience of the Future – Dream

    10. Summary

    1. Preparation for the exam (Updated September 2021)

    2. Sample Test Paper

    3. Sample Answer Paper

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  • 54 lessons


Company Director and BCS Accredited Trainer Darren Winter

Darren Winter is the Founder and Company Director of Duco Digital the leading online UK BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) accredited provider of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Business Analysis and Data Protection courses for individuals and businesses. He is a BCS accredited trainer and a regular guest speaker about technology, and champion of small business.

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